Color me Calm, February 5-28th, 2016 at Torrance Shipman Gallery, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Chris Domenick
Sophia Flood
Al Freeman
Pamela Norrish
Steven Riddle
Stephen Zerbe

Ready the sharp coloring pencils in your seat-­back pocket. Close one eye and gaze into the center aisle until you see a hole. Very slowly shift the printed page right up to your nose­­it will look blurry. Breathe in. (f you need additional glow, I’d suggest the light of a candle or a very expensive flashlight.) Stretch the tongue back into the throat. Try not to avoid numbers because they can really help you in developing both sides.
Lift the upper portion of the buckle to release. Hatch, cross­hatch, leaf, relief; it’s OK if the colors fall towards an anchor point, as long as the designs fit completely under the seat in front of you. Most importantly: choose one that really moves your gut. Place your finished object outside on a stoop from Full to New Moon. All of this is just to take the edge off and to help you ‘ride out’ the feelings.