Drops of Jupiter

April 10-May 3, 2015

Chino Amobi, Katrina Fimmel, Alicia Gibson, Irena Jurek, Michael Pybus, Peter Shear, & Talia Shulze

Drops of Jupiter is metarealism in the feminine ideal. Featuring the work of seven artists, the exhibition forms a kaleidoscope, moving from moody human drama to ‘90s nostalgia and pop culture appropriation. Narratives of longing emerge as cats in a back alley sexploit or ghostly kelpies scanning reflection pools. Characters are born on messy surfaces, from dry brush marks or aggressive gestures that flirt with ugly intentions. In their world, we find a humor that’s both tongue-in-cheek and candy-coated. Refusing to recycle pop culture, the artists in Drops of Jupiter instead strive to REDUCE--surfacing essential truths from their respective glossy/operatic/diaristic/manic/satirical/primitive/psychedelic imagery.