Table, Chair, Bananas

September 13-October 11, 2015

Jamie Felton, Sharon Madanes, & Irini Miga


Your body measures the length of my knee to my right toe.

Your "c" shape curl is the size of my left lung. 

We lock eyes, your nose wrinkles.

I watch you gaze at the yellow ripened smile shaped squiggles and back at me.

My elbows rest at right angles on the geometric shape below it.

Propped up by four sturdy metal pegs, supported by braces and cross hatches. 

My back rests on a wooden slab that barely holds my slumpy center. 

My tangled legs dangle in a twist. A large negative space of a triangle mold

around a fleshy peach. 

Your needy nods and cries validate my mornings here. 

I'm supposed to be here now with you- 

Gazing at yellow squiggles in a sun bleached ceramic cylinder.

-Jamie Felton